Nature : Where I feel The Most Alive

Nature is one of the most precious gift given by god. In Nature we see nothing is perfect and Everything is perfect .

every human is having different height which makes it different from others . soo same in nature different trees with different heights , and having uneven stone everywhere if we see human they too have different physiques different persoanlity . on earth every human is unique . human life is having no boundations we can acheive our desired goals with determination and hardwork. as harwork is the key to success.

Trees can be contorted, bent in weired ways, and they are still beautiful . however humans must adapt their lifestyle in any conditions , must adjust themselves with the situation . according to me , more they struggle for their desired goals the more they would shine . people learn a lot from their mistakes .

mountains may be harder to climb but when view is observed from the top the view is divine , until or unless human is not willing to climb the mountains it would defenitely look scarey and impossible .but stay strong and handle the situation nicely as the word impossible it self says i am possible . nowadays people dont take care of their health because of their hectic schedule but nature is the greatest place to heal and recharge your soul .

whenever we slow to the pace of nature, we can more clearly feel the essence of our belongingness. give time to youself spend time with nature you will think about yourself . then you will realize that god has given very beautiful life , now it up to you how you want to live for thr rest of your life . never let your fear overcomes to your success.

the best thing which i like about mountains is the freshness all around refreshes our soul. the fresh air that keeps us fit from disease. moreover there are many tracking routes which gives us thrill , joy and experience which taught us how to live your life fearless.

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